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dark Games

Dark Anime Fairy Dressup Game
Dark Fairy dressup game with a beautiful dark fairy from the forests-- she drinks rabbit blood and she has a lot of lovely clothing to choose from to make her Dark Fairy Queen!
Category: Dress-Up | Source: Dark Anime Fairy Dressup Game | Plays: 17039 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

Wheel of Misfortune
A knife-throwing "Wheel of Death" game set in the dark age of economic depression.
Category: Shooting | Source: Wheel of Misfortune | Plays: 18753 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

Nuke It
Nuke It is an original, one-click casual game. Turn your microwave into a dark matter generator by colliding electrons with plasma sparks!
Category: Action | Source: Nuke It | Plays: 20129 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

Mortlake Mansion
The old mansion has been living a mysterious life of its own. Explore the dark rooms of the house and discover the secrets that haunt this eerie place. Meet the talking raven and the Spirit, the enigmatic captives of the mansion. Unravel all the mysteries and collect the keys to enter the Mansion’s Heart. Confront the insidious lord, break the evil spells, set the captives free and become the owner of the gorgeous mansion. Numerous hours of adventures and discoveries await you in the Mortlake Mansion.
Category: Action | Source: Mortlake Mansion | Plays: 16814 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

Zombie Man
Zombieman is a unique survival game, where you play both human and zombie. Run around the dark city streets and try not to die!
Category: Action | Source: Zombie Man | Plays: 18965 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

Penguin vs Yeti
Grab your snowboard and raid the yeti caves! Enjoy a snowboard race through yeti territory! Knock down the furry creatures and collect their frozen fish reserves. Keep an eye on their pet Zoltan. The himalayan griffon vulture guards the cave entrance and tries to alert the Dark Yeti. This mighty creature can block the exit, so ride fast or you’ll be trapped!
Category: Action | Source: Penguin vs Yeti | Plays: 16602 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

The Lone Ninja
Take control of The Lone Ninja in this fast paced action platformer. Fight evil samurai, dark ninjas and seductive geisha on a quest to overthrow the evil sorcerer shogun.
Category: Shooting | Source: The Lone Ninja | Plays: 16930 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

Dark Fairy Leigha Dress Up
Dress up Leigha flying in the great wild, wild magical skies of fashions. Click and pick the various tops and bottoms, necklaces, hair, and other accessories onto Leigha to dress her up and make her look her best during her afternoon out magic making! A magical good time!
Category: Dress-Up | Source: Dark Fairy Leigha Dress Up | Plays: 20152 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

Dress-up Emo Couple
This game is perfect for anyone who doesn't like the girly dress-up games! In this super rad game you get to dress up two super edgy kids who are far from your normal 'dressy' fashion. All these kids like to wear is dark clothing the edgier they are the happier they are! It is you mission to make these kids look as cool as possible!
Category: Dress-Up | Source: Dress-up Emo Couple | Plays: 18838 | Score: 2.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

Dark Legion 2
Evil is back, stronger and smarter! Turn based horror game!
Category: Puzzles | Source: Dark Legion 2 | Plays: 17184 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

The Hunt for Lost Treasure
You have recently heard that there is a lost treasure deep in the bottom of the coal mine! Everyone in the town is way to scared to go and look for it, but you are brave and decide to conquer your fears and looks for the gold! It is dark so you must carefully get through the coal mine and find the treasure!
Category: Adventure | Source: The Hunt for Lost Treasure | Plays: 16639 | Score: 2.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

Scope: First Blood
The first episode of a dark new series of sniper games.
Category: Shooting | Source: Scope: First Blood | Plays: 18390 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

Drive In
Drive the 3d little buggy through the hole in the wall. Drive on the road, on the ice, on the mud, or in the dark. Make money on the way, collecting coins and earn time with the ticking clocks. Created with FreeSpin3D.
Category: Driving | Source: Drive In | Plays: 19446 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

Kullors School of Magic
Learning magic can be dangerous, infact the only thing more dangerous than Learning magic is standing next to someone else learning magic. Thankfully it turns out that using those cute Kullor creatures offers a safe ( well reasonanbly safe) way to start learning your first spells.. so what are you waiting for.. go start practicing those spells and try not turn yourself (or anyone else for that matter) into something dark and sticky that may or may not smell a bit like cheese.
Category: Puzzles | Source: Kullors School of Magic | Plays: 18359 | Score: 2.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

EMOScene - Girly
EmoScene - Girly Mix and match the clothes and accessories to give this girl an Emo Scene look with a Girly touch. You can pick her haircut and dye her hair with different colors, put on contact lenses, apply lipstick and change her skin tone to make her look more like you! There are also stickers you can drag onto her body and clothes.
Category: Dress-Up | Source: EMOScene - Girly | Plays: 16682 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

SlenderMan: Mystery Forest
Find 6 balls in the dark forest, but beware of SlenderMan! The game takes a bit to load, so please wait.
Category: Action | Source: SlenderMan: Mystery Forest | Plays: 17793 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: dark Games

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