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funny Games

Snot Put
Fling your snot as far as you can in this cute, tongue-in-cheek throwing game!
Category: Sports | Source: Snot Put | Plays: 25846 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

Hanuman Dress up
Dress up game of cute and funny monkey, Hanuman. Give him cool outfit!
Category: Dress-Up | Source: Hanuman Dress up | Plays: 27036 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

hurt bieber ragdoll 2
After playing Hurt Ragdoll Bieber, most people want more gore and challenge. Now here its the sequel of most awaited torturing game ever,fulfill your rage and FINISH HIM!!!
Category: Action | Source: hurt bieber ragdoll 2 | Plays: 26138 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

Pimp Out SpongeBob!
This is a dress-up game where you pimp out sponge bob square pants!
Category: Dress-Up | Source: Pimp Out SpongeBob! | Plays: 29133 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

A funny racing game.
Category: Sports | Source: PigRace | Plays: 27595 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

smash food
This is pretty fun game you must arranging food in lines three and you can get more point if you can arranging four, five or more at the same time
Category: BoardGame | Source: smash food | Plays: 27983 | Score: 2.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

Farting has never been so much fun! Fill up the gas chamber with hydrogen from your body.
Category: Puzzles | Source: FARToRY | Plays: 30326 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

The Impossible Quiz
It's not impossible, but you might dig for your brains through your ear. Give it your best shot and try not to get shot.
Category: Puzzles | Source: The Impossible Quiz | Plays: 28555 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

Election Madness
Bash your election opponent to pieces with dozens of attacks, taunts, and objects at your dispense!
Category: Fighting | Source: Election Madness | Plays: 32704 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

match it
it's a funny puzzle game, make for every office lady.^^
Category: Puzzles | Source: match it | Plays: 26629 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

Power Pamplona
Power Pamplona is an funny avoiding game by the deodorant brand Rexona. Your goal is to run while avoiding obstacles, and without being caught by the mad bull. The game is a journey in a few european cities: Madrid, Amsterdam, Geneva, Moscow, London, Paris, Munich and Stockholm.
Category: Action | Source: Power Pamplona | Plays: 27579 | Score: 5.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

Funny Socks
A simple game like the spillikins.
Category: Other | Source: Funny Socks | Plays: 28636 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

Explopool, a fun and entertaining game with billiards balls and explosives. Challenging, but easy to play game, that requires both skill and some luck.
Category: BoardGame | Source: Explopool | Plays: 30041 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

in Burger Burger, the trick is to build your Burgers fast, and eat all 12 Crispy popcorn shrimp fast!!
Category: Action | Source: HamBurger | Plays: 31005 | Score: 2.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

Doctor Ku - the cellar
Escape the cellar using the objects around.
Category: Adventure | Source: Doctor Ku - the cellar | Plays: 29926 | Score: 2.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

Rabbit Adventure
Funny rabbit solves a lot of interesting problems: his way through obstacles, jump the gap, kill their enemies. And most importantly, collect eggs. Fascinating and dynamic toy. Help rabbit plizzz ...
Category: Adventure | Source: Rabbit Adventure | Plays: 26963 | Score: 3.0000 | File: SWF | Alt. Source: funny Games

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